Hi all, registration for the 2025 spring season is open now, and we wanted to give you some information with what to look forward to.

The registration for the 2025 spring season can be found here: https://go.teamsnap.com/forms/433961

When does the season start? 

We are targeting the beginning of practice the week of January 13th, 2025.

Current schedules can be found below:

Bantam – https://www.cannonslacrosse.club/bantam/

Lightning – https://www.cannonslacrosse.club/lightning/

Junior – https://www.cannonslacrosse.club/junior/

Senior – https://www.cannonslacrosse.club/senior/

What are the age groups?

We have four levels of play:

  • Bantam (K-2)
  • Lightning (3-4)
  • Junior (5-6)
  • Senior (7-8)

Do you have a girls program?

At this time Cannons does not have a girls program. We encourage anyone interested in having their daughter play lacrosse to reach out to Town & Country which has a great girls program. In the event that program gets sizable enough to support two programs, we would evaluate whether a girls program makes sense, but as of right now it is important that the Town & Country program has a healthy size roster so that those girls get the best experience. You can register for T&C Girls Lacrosse by clicking here once registration opens.

What are the registration fees?

The fees for each level through December 10 are:

  • Bantam: 295
  • Lightning: 395
  • Junior: 495
  • Senior: 595

After December 10, fees at all levels increase by $50.

Why would I register now versus wait so I can pay later?

We offer a payment plan which requires only $10 up front. The remaining payments are made over four months starting in January. Registration is important because of the lead time for uniforms, field reservations, and coaching. The sooner you can register, the better we can plan the experience for your player.

Is there a sibling discount?

Yes. There is a $25 discount when siblings are included in the same registration form. $50 for two siblings. If you have four kids in the program, lets talk. We have never seen that before but can add a discount.

When and where are practices? 

In January and February, our practices start at Brushy Creek Sports Field or Lakeline Field and start with Bantam at 5:30, Lightning at 5:30 or 6:30, Junior at 6:30 and Senior at 7 pm on Tuesday and Thursdays (pending field reservation confirmations, and subject to change). We have practices in a similar format at the same location on Saturdays too, starting at 10 am. Once games start we do not have practices on Saturdays. Practices for Bantam are 1 hour, and for all others are 1.5 hours.

 Games begin in late February and are typically on Sunday afternoons, but may occur on some Saturdays. Games are determined in a scheduling meeting across all youth lacrosse associations in the Austin area at the end of January. 

Depending on game scheduling, the season ends around the first week in May. Practices are dependent on field availability.

When and where are games?

Games will either be at home (Cedar Park or Vista Ridge High School) or on the road.  We play across the greater Austin area, from Round Rock to Dripping Springs.

Where can I find the schedule?

Once set, scheduling will be found in the Teamsnap app.  For syncing your player’s team schedule to various platforms, see information here: Subscribe to a Team Schedule – TeamSnap Playbook

What is new for this season?

We are excited to partner with Kristy Kwan fitness to offer conditioning sessions to our players.  For an extra $50/player, players will get ~8 sessions of conditioning on Sunday afternoons in January and February. This is a great way to get into playing shape and build out capabilities for all sports. To have your player participate in the conditioning classes, simply sign up for the option during registration.

In addition, players have the option to purchase custom Cannons helmet. These are Cascade XRS Pro helmets in Cannons colors. Helmets are available at our cost of $270 and can be added during registration. These are highly adjustable and fit a good chunk of our kids (may be a bit too big for the bantam kids).

My child is new to Lacrosse, what do we need? 

Welcome to Lacrosse!  

For first time boys we recommend the following gear (required gear indicated) 

  • Helmet (Required – look for Statement/seal indicating it meets NOCSAE lacrosse
    standard performance specification and SEI certified) 
  • Chest protector/shoulder pads (Required – must meet the NOCSAE performance standard effective January 1, 2021) 
  • Elbow pads (Recommended) 
  • Gloves (Recommended) 
  • Athletic Supporter with cup (Required) 
  • Lacrosse stick (Required – standard length for bantam and lightning, specialized based on position starting in Junior and Senior). Please do not buy the cheapest stick you can find when starting out, they have bad pockets which will cause your player to throw balls straight into the ground. The String King Complete 2 Int is the stick we recommend and will last your player for years.   If you do find a used stick, please have one of our coaches look at the pocket and one of our team can restring the pocket for the cost of materials (about $40).
  • Mouthguard (Required) 
  • Athletic cleats (Recommended – lacrosse shoes can be a bit pricey, when starting out check out other sports cleats with good ankle support) 

For first time girls we recommend the following gear (required gear as indicated) 

  • Goggles (Required) 
  • Crosse (Required – see www.usalacrosse.com/legal-womens-sticks) 
  • Mouthguard (Required) 
  • Gloves (Recommended) 
  • Headgear (Recommended – must have permanent SEI certification mark and meet current ASTM standards) 

A detailed guide can be found at US Lacrosse here 

Here are some tips for finding the right lacrosse gear:

  • Start with the basics. A helmet, mouthguard, and lacrosse stick are essential for all players.
  • Consider your son’s position. Goalies and defensemen will need different types of equipment than midfielders and attackers.
  • Talk to other lacrosse parents. They can give you advice on where to buy gear and what brands to look for.
  • Don’t be afraid to buy used gear. You can often find good deals on gently used lacrosse equipment.

Gear can typically be found at Dicks Sporting Goods but do check out local Play-It-Again sports as there may be some used lacrosse gear you can pick up to cut down on costs. Cannons also offers rental sets for the season which includes helmet, chest and elbow pads, gloves and a stick. You can find rental equipment registration here. Rental Equipment fee for a season is $100, with $50 returned on return of equipment. Reach out of howdy at cannonslacrosse.club for more information.

What do Lacrosse teams looks like?

Lacrosse positions and player numbers:

A lacrosse team has 10 players on the field during a game. The positions are:

  • Attackers (3): Offensive players who are usually the best shooters. They are not allowed to cross midfield.
  • Defenders (3): Defensive players who must stay on their side of the field, except when they are in “middie back” situations.
  • Midfielders (3): The endurance runners of the game who can move from goal to goal and play both offense and defense.
  • Goalie (1): The player who protects the goal.

In addition to these basic positions, some teams may have specialized players, such as:

  • FOGO (face-off, go-off): A face-off specialist who is responsible for taking face-offs.
  • LSM (long-stick midfielder): A midfielder who carries a long stick (also known as a D-pole) and focuses on defensive midfield strategies.

For younger players, teams may play with fewer players on the field, such as 3×3 or 7×7. This is done to make the game easier to learn and play.

What are the rules for each level?

The rules at each level can be found on the CTYLA site here: https://www.ctyla.org/rules

Interested? you can sign up using the links below:

2025 Boys Registration

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