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A litte bit about who we are

Cannons Nation! 

Thank you for your continued support of Cedar Park / Leander (CPL) Cannons Youth Lacrosse.  Our goal is to provide a positive lacrosse experience for your child and family as we work toward developing lacrosse skills and a team-first mentality in your child in this growing, fast-paced game. 

For those new to lacrosse, a Youth Lacrosse Club like Cannons is one of the first steps toward success in lacrosse as we provide the initial exposure to lacrosse for many of our kids.  Most of the Youth Lacrosse Clubs in metro Austin are members of the Central Texas Youth Lacrosse Association, which organizes our games, arranges for officials, governs conduct during games, and settles disputes between clubs. CTYLA has had some turbulence in the past few years, but a new executive board has been elected and we expect CTYLA will be hitting their stride this year with organizing fair and competitive games. 

Cannons Youth Lacrosse has existed since spring of 2017.  Before then, both Cedar Park Boys Lacrosse and Rangers Lacrosse had separate clubs and it was decided to merge efforts and eliminate some of the redundancies of running two clubs.  Then in Spring 2021, Cannons launched our first girls’ lacrosse team, a program that is still building in popularity.  Furthermore, in summer 2022, the Cedar Park High School and the Vista Ridge (Rangers) High School lacrosse clubs merged for similar reasons for the Cannons creation; to eliminate redundancies of two lacrosse clubs.  By synchronizing our efforts, we strive to make a smooth transition from Youth Lacrosse to High School Lacrosse for the boys and girls that play lacrosse in high school and beyond. 

One of the goals in forming Cannons Youth Lacrosse is to develop young players that will feed into some of the nearby high school lacrosse clubs.  The Cannons Youth Lacrosse club is unique in that we support multiple programs across the Leander and Cedar Park area.  You will see some of our alums on both the Rouse Raiders and Vista Ridge Rangers, and starting this year, the Liberty Hill Panthers.  Most of the other Youth Lacrosse clubs we play are aligned with their respective high school (e.g. Georgetown, Vandegrift, etc.).  Please recognize that while there may be alignment, the Youth Lacrosse programs, and the high school programs are usually independent organizations with their own governing bodies. 

For those parents and kids that are driven to the highest levels of competition, there are many club lacrosse organizations that will meet those desires, such as Ironhorse, UNRL, and Southstar to name a few.  We ask all parents to recognize that Cannons is not a competitive club; we do not cut players nor have tryouts.  The purpose of Cannons Youth Lacrosse is to safely introduce the fundamentals of lacrosse to your child, let their natural desires dictate their play, and hopefully grow them to become successful high school lacrosse players.  At times, players, parents, coaches, and spectators become especially enthusiastic to the point of showing poor sportsmanship, berating participants, or being otherwise unruly.  In these instances, we do have a Cannons Youth Lacrosse Code of Conduct.  We ask all participants in all Cannons Youth Lacrosse activities to please read the code of conduct to ensure that all Cannons Youth Lacrosse events are a positive lacrosse experience for all. 

Finally, if you have suggestions, comments, frustrations, or questions about the CPL Cannons Lacrosse organization, feel free to reach out to any of the Cannons Lacrosse Board members. Our new email addresses are:  <first_name>@cannonslacrosse.club and in recognition of the many challenges the coaches have, we also ask that you use the Coach Contact Form before approaching a coach so the board and our program director may monitor developing concerns.  Again, thank you for your continued support and we look forward to a great season of lacrosse. 

Sincerely, Cannons Youth Lacrosse Executive Board 

Joe Capesius - President 

Our Mission

Cannons Youth Lacrosse provides youth and teens (K-8th grades) the opportunity to participate in the exciting sport of lacrosse while learning the proper team and individual fundamentals needed to advance to the next levels.

Not only does our organization encourage personal dedication and perseverance but we also value the importance of critical thinking during competitive play, the significance of good sportsmanship and teamwork, and the benefit of a healthy and active lifestyle.

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